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    • Harvest Festival

      date posted: Friday 17 Oct 2014

      A big thank you to everyone who brought in produce for Harvest Festival. You can see them pictured! We have taken the opportunity this week to talk with the children about where food comes from and how food is harvested. The local charity Hanwell Homeless Concern will be collecting all the tins and packets of food that were so kindly donated.


    • Less Phone, More Talk

      date posted: Friday 3 Oct 2014

      In this day and age, we are all understandably attached to our phones  for social and work reasons. We are trying to encourage parents to meet and greet their children without their phones on and in use. After being away from parents and carers all day, children are keen for a cuddle and the time to talk about their day. Please take the time to end calls and emails before pick up time where possible, so that your child has your undivided attention when they first see you after school.


    • School Council 2014-15

      date posted: Friday 26 Sep 2014

      Congratulations to our new School Councillors 2014-15! Each class has now voted for a new Class Councillor for the year. The team is made up of one representative from each Key Stage Two class with two children from each Year Six Class. The children have said that they would like to raise money and buy more equipment for the school. Please look out for the first School Council cake sale in a few weeks.